Do I Have A Case If I got Hurt In An Traffic Accident Caused By A Reckless Driver

Do I Have A Case If I got Hurt In An Traffic Accident

A case exists if the driver of another vehicle, which can be either a two wheeler or a four wheeler or even an airplane, drives his or her vehicle carelessly. Carelessness is simply an act of negligence. According to the dictionary definition, negligence is the failure to do what any reasonable individual would do under the same situation and circumstances. Let us consider a simple example to help illustrate the point better. If a person fails to stop his car at a red light as any normal individual would, he could be penalized for his negligence and is held responsible for the damages due to his negligence. The damages may include personal injuries caused as a consequence of the actions of the negligent person. personal injury lawyers
These personal injuries can be of any degree ranging from pain to permanent disability and in some cases can even be the cause of death. The injuries do not have to be physical in order for the damages to be sought. Cases that involve the person being subjected to high levels of emotional stress and abuse of any form including verbal abuse may also entitle him to damages. In the unfortunate event of a death, the family members of the deceased person can recover the damages. This is possible through laws which deal with wrongful death and litigation.

Even though the majority if the injury cases involve only small injuries, you will still be entitled to considerable monetary damages in most cases. All medical expenses, however small, which includes medication and hospital expenses can be recovered. Additionally, in cases which involve extreme negligence, recovery of punitive damages is possible so that the person does not repeat this kind of action in the future. Recently, there has been an increase in the usage of mediation for resolving claims regarding personal injury. This has become one of the most prevalent methods to arrive at a reasonable compromise settlement, especially in claims that would be more expensive and those in which litigation to the jury’s verdict is difficult. When the approach is effective, the claim or litigation ends without any further expenses to the client. Upon failure, the individual uses the regular procedures and trials by the jury without penalties. Moreover, mediation is the most cost effective procedure that can help save the injured person from spending a large sum on litigation expenses.

Is an attorney necessary?
If there is an injury, an attorney has better chances of securing more damages than that you can secure yourself. Personal injury is a field for only specialized attorneys and they need to be qualified to handle such cases.

Let us consider an example here. A corporate attorney specialized in contract law would not be the ideal person for handling personal injury cases.personal injury

How to chose an Attorney
Many factors go into choosing the personal injury attorney.
Even though all attorneys have been through law school and have passed the bar exam, it does not necessarily make them qualified.

1. How long has the attorney has been practicing?
2. Does he have experience in handling similar cases?
3. Does the attorney have a good record in recovering damages for his clients?
4. Is the attorney prepared to take up cases on the basis of contingency, and does he have the necessary financial resources to do so?

Are there any costs for a personal injury lawyer?

It is not required for a personal injury victim who has a strong case to pay any money out of pocket. Any good attorney will usually take on a case on the basis of contingency. The attorney will cover any expense incurred during the trial, and take a percentage as his fee. This can range from one third to a half of the total damages.

Company registration In India From USA- A Breeze Or Burden?

Entrepreneurs all over the world wish to establish their company in India as India offers a vast market for them. This is evident from the recent news about several manufacturing bases shifting from China to India. As per the Companies Act, it is legal for U.S residents and Indians residing in the U.S to register a new business in India. Company registration in India is simple, and it is a straight forward process. This influences foreigners, especially people from the U.S to establish their business in India rather than other countries. There are specific tips that can help you to register a company in India from the USA effortlessly without any complexities. The registration process is fast as it is done online. This article throws light on the process of company registration from the USA.

It is said that one has to decide on the business entity when you wish to start a company in India. Several types of company registration can be done, including Partnership, Limited Liability Company, and Private limited company. To reduce the legal formalities of the company registration, you can go for a private limited company or limited liability partnership registration.

Conditions For Company Registration In India From USA
There are specific criteria or requirements that people from the USA should satisfy to run a business or company in India without any legal issues. The company should be managed by maximum one Director who is residing in India. There can be other Directors who are from the USA.
The FDL should be checked, and the FDI route requires permission from the Ministry of Central Government. If the business takes up the other Route, then RBI approval is required. Keep ready of all the necessary documents required for company registration. It is essential that all the essential documents are notarized.

People from the USA must possess KYC details so that they can obtain DSC and DIN, which can be used for their company registration. Name application should be prepared and also be ready with MOA, AOA of the company your about to register. Apply for the incorporation of the company Submission of incorporation certificate of the company as it is a proof for the existence of your company.

  • You must apply for a bank account for company registration
  • Application of PAN, GST, TAN of the center and state government.
  • Mandatory Documents Required
  • People or business owners residing in the USA should submit the following documents so that they can register a company in India legally.
  • You have to hold a valid passport
  • Driving license issued from India
  • Voter Id
  • SSN
  • Bank statement
  • Passport size photo
  • A permit of residence issued by the embassy of India
  • Company registration for a foreign company in the USA should provide the following documents.
  • Incorporation certificate-A proof of the existence of the foreign company
  • Address proof of the foreign company in the USA
  • Resolution of the board members of the company outside the country.
  • The Public Notary Of USA should notarize all the above documents by the competent authority.

Company Registration Process

The government of India has recently simplified the registration process of a company in India from the USA. Thus foreign residents and USA citizens find it easy to start a new company in India. The online portal for the registration makes the registration process quick and straightforward. Firstly the applicant of the company registration must hold a new user account with Portal of MCA. This is the online portal for completing the company registration process of a company in India from the USA. You can proceed with the registration once you own the account of the Ministry of common affairs portal else create a new user account for the registration process Then you have to apply for the digital signature certificate so that you can submit all the documents legally.
Visit the specified link to get the name of the company. Make sure that the name of your company is unique.
Now apply for the DIN by submitting the SPICE form.
Now the certificate of incorporation would be issued by the authority of MCA.
The above is the procedure for company registration in India from the USA. The process is indeed simple and quick.

Personal Injury Damages: Car Accident Attorneys

Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for determining the exact dollar amount for a personal injury case. Not only is each case and each victim different, if there was a such a formula, there would be no need to retain a personal injury attorney! Determining the dollar amount for a personal injury claim is based on a number of different factors.personal injury law

In general terms, a personal injury case is worth the amount of damage to the victim. Some of the factors that determine this amount are past and future medial bills, loss of wages, loss of earning potential, and loss of property. However, the law does provide compensation for certain intangible damages. This is the area that is more difficult to attach a dollar amount to. An experienced personal injury attorney understands all the complexities of such a case and can get you the compensation you and your family deserve.

Pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disability, and disfigurement are all factors that fall into the category of intangible damages. If the two parties involved in the case cannot come to an agreement on the dollar amount for these factors, a judge or a jury will determine the value of the case.

One of the problems that can plague a personal injury case is the amount of time it takes to properly assess the value of a case. One reason for this may be the slow recovery of the victim. If the injury was severe, it can take months or even years to know what the full ramifications of the injury will be. A personal injury case should not be finalized until the victim has significantly improved or the final diagnosis is available from the victim’s physician.

There are also other factors that should be considered, such as the victim’s age, the severity of disability, the facts of the cases, and who the guilty party is. Previous judgments on similar cases will also have an impact, as will the county where the case will be tried. Personal injury attorneys who have represented dozens of injured clients are your best chance for receiving full and fair compensation.truck accident lawyers

The assessment of a personal injury case requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Our firm has aggressive, experienced personal injury attorneys who will not only help you understand your rights as afforded by law, but will also help you understand the factors affecting the monetary judgment for your case.

In order to ensure your rights are protected,

Get a Free Consultation with us. We will help you learn your options, and determine the best strategy to get the fair and full compensation you and your family deserve.