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Our Mission

Our mission, simply put is to assist the many thousands of people who are eligible to become U.S. citizens, to do so. Citizenship is a very special legal status. Only through U.S. Citizenship can “your voice be heard.” And only when it is heard can there be changes in the law beneficial to the growing immigrant communities is made. We hope that everyone qualified to become a citizen does so. To this end, we are providing this kit to anyone interested in becoming a U.S. Citizen. There is no charge for this kit and you may make as many copies as you wish as long as credit is given to eCitizenship.US and its proprietors. You may also provide it on your Web site, so long as there is a link to eCitizenship.US. More here @ immigration lawyers in san antonio tx


This form package includes an easy step-by-step guide to prepare and file your own Naturalization Application, the required Immigration forms, instructions, eligibility requirements, procedures, FAQs, completed sample application(s), and everything you need.personal injury

The following statement underpins the concept of dedication to supporting the individuals’ right to self-representation by designing self-help do-it-yourself kits for many areas of the law.

“Pro se’ representation (representing yourself) is firmly embedded in American jurisprudence yet, for a layperson, this conceptual right is but a meaningless truism without the corresponding abilities to see through a legal maze and use the complicated procedural mechanisms necessary to vindicate that right. “ Moses Apsan, Esq., Assisting the Pro Se Litigant: Unauthorized Practice of Law or the Fulfillment of a Public Need, 3 NYLRev XXVIII (1983).

Many legal proceedings do not require the assistance of anyone, not even a lawyer. The right to self-representation is universally accepted and has been protected by law since the creation of the American government. The Judiciary Act of 1789, enacted by the first Congress and signed by President Washington the day before the sixth amendment specifically provided that “in all the courts of United States, the parties may plead and manage their own causes personally.” The United States Courts of Appeals have repeatedly held that the right of self-representation is protected by the Bill of Rights. Similarly, the individual states, with few exceptions, accord an individual the right of self-representation, explicitly conferring that right in their state constitutions and corresponding statutes. Many state courts, in accord with federal courts, have opined that the right is supported by the United States Constitution. The American Bar Association [ABA], in its Code of Professional Ethics, recognizes that “anyone who does not wish to avail himself of [legal] representation is not required to do so.” With this in mind, this Do it Yourself Law Kit has been designed.

This kit is not intended to replace a lawyer who is the only person qualified to analyze your individual facts and give a legal opinion. Although every effort is made to have this kit up to date, immigration laws and corresponding laws, rules, and regulations are constantly changing.

What is an Independent Medical Examination?

What is an Independent Medical Examination?

Personal injury cases can be stressful, complicated, and scary. Especially if you have never gone through a lawsuit or had to sue anyone before. One of the most important parts of the personal injury lawsuit process is being able to show the nature and extent of the injuries you’ve suffered. To do this, you’ll need to be able to show evidence, such as medical reports from the doctors who have examined your injuries.
personal injury
However, your doctors will likely not be the only people who take a look at you. The other side in the lawsuit will also want to know the nature and extent of your injuries. They probably won’t want to rely on the word of your doctor. Therefore, to gather information about your injuries, the other side will have its own doctors exam you in an independent medical examination, or IME.

IME and Lawsuits

A person who files a personal injury lawsuit is known as a plaintiff. The plaintiff has a legal obligation to show that he or she has suffered an injury and that the defendant – the person the plaintiff is filing the lawsuit against – is legally responsible for paying for those injuries.

In any personal injury lawsuit, the defendant has the right to require the plaintiff to submit to an independent medical examination. This is true whether the plaintiff claims physical or psychological injuries. It’s also true whether you’re suing an individual, an organization, multiple individuals, or multiple organizations.

The Independent Medical Examination Process

The independent medical examination process is fairly simple. However, not only can the process be intimidating, the doctors who perform them may not always make a report that’s favorable to you or your cause.

Let’s take a look at an example. Let’s say you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident at a local business. You fell downstairs that were covered in oil, suffering an injury to your hip that resulted in medical expenses and painful rehabilitation. You sue the business for the harms you’ve suffered.
The business requests that you receive an independent medical examination from a doctor of its choice. (This doctor is usually selected by the defense attorney and paid by the defendant’s insurance company.) They tell you where the doctor is located, schedule an appointment in advance, and compensate you for the time and expense you incur traveling to the doctor. Once you get there, the doctor exams you and your injuries. The process will be like any other examination but will focus on the injuries you have claimed you sustained as a result of your accident.personal injury lawyers

Talk to a Lawyer Before Submitting to an IME

If the thought of going to a doctor paid by the other party in your lawsuit gives you pause; it should. IMEs can be stressful, and the doctors who perform them can be intimidating. If you’ve been asked to submit to an independent medical examination, you should talk to your attorney about what you need to do to prepare and protect yourself.

Personal Injury Law – Accident Attorneys

Law, Hiring a personal injury attorney is not difficult. After all, you can go on your computer and find a dozen. It is to choose the most appropriate thing that takes a little bit of consideration. You will only have one chance to reach an agreement with the offending party. You will only get one chance to see their day in court. Going into battle with a mediocre lawyer is not an option. You can also represent yourself. But how to separate the good from the bad? These are the factors that are important when deciding which attorney to hire.personal injury lawyers
Relevant experience
Surely you don’t want to hire a personal injury attorney who has to learn the ropes to try to prove their case. To someone who has been there, is required because, so to speak. Perhaps not so much so just make it by the numbers, but certainly enough so they usually know what to expect. It is true that each case is unique, but there are a lot of similarities between the cases as well, and someone with relevant experience will know the tricks of the trade. These can be of great value when it comes to obtaining a satisfactory result.
Is it possible to have years of relevant experience and not to be an expert? Probably. There are a lot of lawyers out there who have managed to coast through their careers without having to bother with perfecting their craft. One can detect them a mile away. This is the reason for the initial consultation is so important. It is not only an opportunity for a personal injury attorney to assess your case but as an opportunity to evaluate them also. It is usually very easy to tell when someone knows what they are talking about and not when they do. Keep your eyes open and go to a lawyer who knows what they are doing. More on this webpage
There is nothing wrong with advertising. In the background, a law firm is just like any other small business. Customers – they need to keep the doors open. That said, there is a difference between a personal injury attorney who is looking to help clients get what is yours and Hunter’s ambulance. Do not be offended if a good lawyer seems unsure about taking their case. In fact, unless you have a case so flagrantly obvious that opposing lawyers are practically throwing money at you, you should hear alarm bells if they are too ready to assume it.