Tips to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents


Ensure to use slip resistant and high traction flooring materials for your business place. You need to check whether the flooring material does not make you slip when it gets wet. It has to be tested in the sample or the beginning stage. It is best to select textured slip resistant supplies for flooring. It will help to minimize the chances of mishaps from the early stage.

If you have a team of maintenance crews in your facility, then you have to instruct them to adopt optimal cleaning practices. The main reason for slip and fall accident is the debris. Accidents can occur when the debris is drawn in by the shoes throughout the facility. Mud, moisture, dirt, etc. lessen the coefficient of resistance between the floors and shoes. Most people tend to fall because of the friction. The floors have to be maintained and cleaned in order to reduce the chances of accidents.fall-prevention-300x300

Try to implement and practice excellent floor mat program. If you install good quality floor mat, then you can easily reduce the debris coming from the outdoor environment. It helps in maintaining the safety and cleanliness of your building. When you install commercial floor mats in high traffic areas and at the entrance, it will not only help to remove dirt but also improve traction of surfaces and minimize the chances of slipping.

Examine and regularly maintain enduringly installed features like carpet runners and floor mats. These items can trap contaminants and dirt. It is necessary to do constant maintenance and inspection. It helps in monitoring overall sanitation and wear and tear of the items. Regular vigilance works in opposition to damaged commercial mats.

When you know well about the slip and fall accidents and take preventive steps, you can easily control the personal liability in a large manner. It will not only provide a protective environment for customers, employees, and visitors, but also helps in promoting your company. If you come across any issues or accidents, ensure to contact personal injury lawyer for an instant solution.