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Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for determining the exact dollar amount for a personal injury case. Not only is each case and each victim different, if there was a such a formula, there would be no need to retain a personal injury attorney! Determining the dollar amount for a personal injury claim is based on a number of different factors.personal injury law

In general terms, a personal injury case is worth the amount of damage to the victim. Some of the factors that determine this amount are past and future medial bills, loss of wages, loss of earning potential, and loss of property. However, the law does provide compensation for certain intangible damages. This is the area that is more difficult to attach a dollar amount to. An experienced personal injury attorney understands all the complexities of such a case and can get you the compensation you and your family deserve.

Pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, disability, and disfigurement are all factors that fall into the category of intangible damages. If the two parties involved in the case cannot come to an agreement on the dollar amount for these factors, a judge or a jury will determine the value of the case.

One of the problems that can plague a personal injury case is the amount of time it takes to properly assess the value of a case. One reason for this may be the slow recovery of the victim. If the injury was severe, it can take months or even years to know what the full ramifications of the injury will be. A personal injury case should not be finalized until the victim has significantly improved or the final diagnosis is available from the victim’s physician.

There are also other factors that should be considered, such as the victim’s age, the severity of disability, the facts of the cases, and who the guilty party is. Previous judgments on similar cases will also have an impact, as will the county where the case will be tried. Personal injury attorneys who have represented dozens of injured clients are your best chance for receiving full and fair compensation.truck accident lawyers

The assessment of a personal injury case requires a lot of knowledge and experience. Our firm has aggressive, experienced personal injury attorneys who will not only help you understand your rights as afforded by law, but will also help you understand the factors affecting the monetary judgment for your case.

In order to ensure your rights are protected,

Get a Free Consultation with us. We will help you learn your options, and determine the best strategy to get the fair and full compensation you and your family deserve.

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